"Democratic Kadıköy managed by consensus and not by imposition"

He was born on September 15, 1959 in Trabzon.

He graduated from Kadıköy Fenerbahçe High School.

He graduated from Civil Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1984. 

Political Life

He became interested in politics while being a student.

His political views were shaped with democratization movements that he participated in during university. 

He began to take an active role in politics after his university years.

His political journey that began with SHP membership continued with SHP Kadıköy District Management and Kadıköy District Presidency in 1992. He did CHP Kadıköy District and Provincial Council Delegations in different periods. Later he was on duty as CHP Provincial Board Member and CHP Kadıköy District Management.

In 2012, he worked as Provincial Vice President in charge of Local Government of CHP Istanbul Provincial Administration.

He worked in various and different committees within the CHP. 

Professional Life

He has accomplished great projects in the public area such as hospitals, sports complexes, dormitories  with his own private company from 1985 until today. He also took part in project management and coordination of  a number of different projects including landscaping, large park-garden projects, eligible housing. 

Social Responsibility

He is among the founders of Kazım Koyuncu Cultural Association.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of Nuhoğlu Foundation.

He took active parts in social projects where priority is given to social benefits and social projects of public interest within many organizations, foundations and professional organizations such as Consumer Association and the Chamber of Civil Engineers. 

Private Life

He is married to Dentist Ebru Nuhoğlu. They have a son and a daughter.

He prefers to be in touch with nature in his free time.

He likes to read books, do research, go to the theatre and hike.

He has been living in Kadıköy for 41 years.

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Aykurt Nuhoğlu

The Mayor Of Kadıköy