Message from the Mayor

Dear residents of Kadıköy,

We can create endless possibilities  if Kadıköy in our minds, dreams is more humane, more contemporary, more free district. We need the convoy of the community of Kadıköy in order to make Kadıköy more livable when rationalizing our dreams.

We know that giving the will to the district locals having the right to speak in local government will make everyone take responsibility for the management of Kadıköy. In this sense, it will not be difficult to establish a life from our neighborhood, our town that will be strengthened with democratic values and its solidarity.  If we have the right of use of the space we live in, we will also have the right and freedom of conversion and reorganizing.

Local administrative mentality where residents of Kadıköy, those who work in Kadıköy, those who socialize in Kadıköy have the right to speak encourages our courage to create a more free Kadikoy.

This is because we deserve the right to live in a district  where concrete, radical solution are actualized rather than a district where problems are confined to quarters and lack of solution is inured.

That is why we will set up an equal and free local government together with all Kadıköy residents.

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Aykurt Nuhoğlu

The Mayor Of Kadıköy