A Theater for Each Neighborhood

62 theaters in Kadıköy will take the theater to the neighborhood. The Kadıköy Theater Platform is preparing to carry out workshops and communions in 15 local neighborhoods with the support of Municipality of Kadıköy.

62 theaters that constitute the Kadıköy Theater Platform called out to the neighbors of the community and said ""Let's meet". Theatre will be explained to the neighborhood resident in 15 neighborhoods of Kadıköy with the "My Neighbor is Theater" project carried out together with Kadıköy Municipality.

February 1 is the last application date for the project of 12 theaters to be carried out in 15 neighborhoods of Kadıköy. It will be conducted between February 6 and June 2.

4 FREE PLAYS PER MONTH!                                     

The workshops and communions that will answer questions such as "How was the theater born? How does the player memorize? How does the decorator work? What are the importance of light and music in the scene?" by theater workers for 3 hours a day, 2 times a week.

It is sufficient to complete the application form at the neighborhood administration offices or one of the theatres participating in the project in order to take place in the project. The lists of 12 theaters will be available from the neighborhood administration offices, Kadıköy Theater Platform and Kadıköy Municipality Cultural Directorate web sites.

The project will also provide four plays to meet with the audience every month for free of charge with the contributions of Kadıköy Municipality . The plays that will meet its audience for free in February are as follows: Bu Anlamlı Günde / In this Meaningful Day (Karma Drama), Podyum / Podium (Tiyatrokast), Frida (Öykü Sahne), Mavi / Blue (Livingroom).


Talking about the project, Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu said "We established a very good communication between the local government and the theater in Kadıköy. We have meetings almost every month" by reminding that they have been having meetings with thespians in Kadıköy since they took office.

He continued "As a municipality, we want all Kadıköy residents to benefit from cultural and artistic activities and we meet with the theaters likewise. And in this project, the residents of Kadıköy will not only be the consumers of culture and art, but also contributors. The Kadıköy residents will meet their actor and decorator neighbors, find out how they do their works and at the same time explain their own expectations. It will be a mutual interaction and communication. I have never seen anything bad happen where there is communication. So I believe that we will get supportive results from this project for the development of Kadıköy's culture and arts policy.”

The appeal of 62 Theatre Association with or without a stage in Kadıköy to the residents of Kadıköy about the project with the "The Neighborhood is learning about Theater, the Theater meets with the neighborhood" slogan is "What would you say about getting to know each other as neighbors and the theatre of the neighborhood theatre? We would like to share our
common troubles, listen to you,explain our art, talk about today and tomorrow, you dreams, hopes and lives".

Let's brew our tea and tell you all about how we pursue our career and what we experience. Let us introduce you our theatre, the key parts of our career, our art. And you can tell us about yourselves. Who knows, maybe we can create and produce our own story, have our voices heard on the stage together. Hope to meet with the healing power of art… Hello…”


For information: http://www.kadikoytiyatrolari.com/benim-komsum-tiyatro/

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