Aid to Çanakkale from Kadıköy

Çanakkale was shaken by the earthquake of 5.3. Municipality of Kadıköy helped out the earthquake zone with clothing, blankets and food

An earthquake took place in Ayvacik district of Çanakkale on Monday, February 6, at 06:51 am. At 13.58 hours after the earthquake, there was another quake of 5.3 in the same area.

Taşağıl, Tuzla, Yukarı, Çam and Gülpınar villages were damaged severally in the first quake. In the last 24 hours, 238 severely damaged houses, 75 lightly damaged houses and 31 heavy damaged barns and warehouses were found in 14 settlements, especially in Yukarıköy of Ayvacık district. In the statement made by the Governorship of Çanakkale, it was stated that 8 people were wounded, 5 of them were discharged after the treatment and 3 of the patients continued to be treated.


After the earthquake that occurred in Çanakkale, Municipality of Kadıköy helped out the earthquake zone with clothing and staple food. Speaking on the subject, Kadıköy Municipality President Akkurt Nuhoglu said, "Kadıköy is a district sensitive to support and solidarity with Kadıköy people and municipality. We began to follow up and prepare for support as soon as we heard the earthquake. We provided clothing support for children, men and women. As you know, we are in the winter months. We gave support by sending blankets and duvets by taking this into consideration. We helped out with clothes, blankets and stable food in the first hand. We also know that there are supports besides us. We have once again seen how strong the support and solidarity of our citizens is in spite of all the difficulties that our country is going thorugh. This is very meaningful and gratifying. We will continue to support. I would like to take this opportunity to send my wishes to the people of Ayvacık ".

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Aykurt Nuhoğlu

The Mayor Of Kadıköy