One Thousand Visitors And Five Hundred Thousand Books

The "Book Days" held by Municipality of Kadıköy at Haydarpaşa Train Station ended. The five-day Book Days was visited by 100 thousand readers.

The Book Days organized by Municipality of Kadıköy at Haydarpaşa Train Station platforms ended. 100 thousand readers visited the fair that began on Wednesday, June 1. Over five hundred thousand copies were sold.

180 publishers and civil society organizations attended the Book Days where history met literature in the historic atmosphere of Haydarpaşa Train Station.

Around 600 authors, artists and illustrators met with the readers on the autograph sessions held in three platforms named after masters of world literature, Yaşar Kemal, Gülten Akın and Tahsin Yücel.

The Book Days, open to visitors between 10:00 and 22:00 hours, had over 50 cultural events including debates, panels,  poetry readings, reading hours and children's activities.



150 people worked during the five-day event carried out by the employees of Kadıköy Municipality and volunteers. The safety of space, cleanliness and organization was done by employees.


The trains waiting between the platforms drew the most attention after the books of Book Days that had great interest from everyone from the age of seven to seventy. Hundreds of thousands of photos taken on the rails and the wagons were shared on the social media. 

The readers, who read books and relieved tiredness in the wagons during the Book Days, made journeys to the memories from the trains to experiences at Haydarpaşa Train Station.


Another colorful image from Haydarpaşa was the visit of a bride and groom to the Book Days. Couples, who marriage was solemnized by Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu came to Haydarpaşa station after the ceremony.


Around 10 thousand books were collected in the book donation campaign to libraries and schools in Anatolia with the participation of publishers and readers. The books delivered to Municipality of Kadıköy will be sent to libraries and schools that have requested book donations in the coming days.


Mayor of Kadıköy speaking Aykurt Nuhoğlu about Book Days said: "Haydarpaşa is a historical heritage. It has been a public area for 2 thousand years. We wanted to draw attention to both Haydarpaşa and have history and arts come together by holding the Book Days at Haydarpaşa".

Nuhoğlu, stating that Haydarpaşa Train Station is a door opening from Anatolia to Istanbul, said "This station is also a memory. Everyone has a memory here. We went on journeys from here. We came here from the roads. We are now taking a journey with books at this historic atmosphere with our travel stories and memories. Citizens of Istanbul showed great interest in the Book Days. We had visitors from all over Istanbul, not just Kadıköy. Publishers and readers are very pleased with this event.  We did not get on a train here but this short journey that we made to books have been good. Seeing the expression on people's faces, hearing their appreciation has been a great pride and honor for us".


Nuhoğlu expressed that there was a need for such event on the Anatolian Side due to the intense interest of the readers to the Book Days and continued "Book has returned to Istanbul with the Book Days we held at Haydarpaşa. We brought together history and literature as well as readers and books. We will meet with the readers next year with a larger organization".

Nuhoğlu assessing the attention of the readers said: "Readers came here as they were coming to a place of their own. Haydarpaşa is a home to all of us and we are reunited. Books were read between the platforms and books were purchased. Readers read the books purchased on the wagons and relived their tiredness.


Our memories revived and we dreamt about the trains leaving from here again when we did the journey with the books. I believe that this thought will be true. Here trains will leave again. And we will get on these trains with our books and go on journeys.

And all this happened with the work of staff and volunteers of Municipality of Kadıköy. Our staff from cleaning unit to staff of technical works, public relations, municipal police, security personnel, design, organization and communication unit have thought about the Book Days organization one by one and worked on it for days. Our staff carried out this work, which was difficult for professional organizations to overcome, with an intense dedication and effort.  I thank them all individually. “


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