Turkey's First Disaster Training Park opened in Kadıköy


"Kadıköy Municipality Disaster Training and Awareness Raising Park", organized in order to inform the public about natural disasters, explain what shall be done during a disaster and measures to be taken after the disaster practically, has been opened with a ceremony. The park, that was initiated during the week of "World Disaster Risk Reduction Day" and that will be used as meeting area after the disaster, has many disaster awareness activities ranging from earthquake experience room where you can find earthquake simulation, 5-dimensional cinema, fire simulation, playgrounds. 

Mayor of Kadıköy Aykurt Nuhoğlu, as well as CHP Istanbul's former deputy Prof. Dr. Haluk Eyidoğan and many non-governmental organizations attended the opening of the park located in Quarter of Kozyatağı, Saniye Ermutlu Street. In the opening, congratulatory messages of CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, CHP Secretary General Akif Hamzaçebi, CHP Acting Ministers Seyit Torun and Tuncay Özkan, CHP Trabzon Congressman  Ahmet Kaya, CHP Tokat Congressman Kadim Durmaz and Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin were read. 


Speaking at the ceremony, Aykurt Nuhoğlu said: "There are high-rise buildings in the area that we used as a gathering area during the 1999 earthquake. We are faced with a situation where there is a particularly rapid construction. For this reason, parks, public spaces, assembly areas are about to disappear. We are against the sale of public spaces. Despite the fact that we repeatedly told that these areas should not be considered as income, billions of dollars of public lands were sold both in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. With this disaster training park, we have to prepare ourselves for the future by educating our children, residents of Kadıköy and visitors about the disasters. We also care about the volunteer structures in the neighborhoods. In this sense, we should support the organization of society as local governments. However, we can protect ourselves against possible disasters with these organizations. Politics should produce solutions to the problems of the public and create an agenda for the needs of the people”. 


Kadıköy Municipality collaborated with non-governmental organizations working on disasters in Kadıköy, not only by opening the “Kadıköy Municipality Disaster Education and Awareness Park". "Kadıköy District Disaster Works Partnership Protocol" was signed with 12 non-governmental organizations  in order to increase voluntary participation and manage and support all disasters (earthquakes, floods, floods, etc.). These NGOs are as follows: International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, Search and Rescue at Sea (DAK-SAR), Installation Technologies Association (TESİDER), Marmara University Civil Defense Club, United Search and Rescue Association (BKSAR), Medical Search and Rescue Association (MEDAK), Support to Life Association, Lions Club, Nirengi Association, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), Kadıköy Municipality Volunteers, Mavi Kalem Social Assistance and Solidarity Association. 


Among the objectives of the park where disaster training is being given are the explanation of formation of natural disasters, what to do during the disaster and the measures that can be taken before and after the disaster with the help of various simulations. The trainings and activities for Kadıköy Municipality staff, the adults and children of Kadıköy are carried out by trainers of Kadıköy Municipality Urban Search and Rescue Team. The park, which is open to citizens who want to be aware of disaster from all ages and professions, receives most interest from the children. In the park, practical trainings are given to children about what they can do before, during and after the disasters in order to raise awareness of behaviors about disasters and to create a safe life culture. Disaster Training and Awareness Park includes "Earthquake Experience Room", 5D Cinema”, "Interactive Portable Fire Simulation" as well as workshops, non-governmental organizations training and activities, group visits and outdoor games for the adults. 


Some of the earthquakes occurred in our country and around the world are projected real-like with the earthquake simulation system in the Earthquake Experience Room, where how the earthquake occurs, what is to be done during and after the earthquake are shown in practice. They experience the importance of fixing furniture in order to avoid falling objects, how and why natural gas, water and electricity should be cut during and after the earthquake. 


In the cinema, the participants are given about 6 minutes of training on disaster plan, fixing the items that can be damaged by falling, disaster bag, successive earthquakes and behavior patterns before, during and after the earthquake. 


Practice is given on subjects including fire and its types, how to respond to fire, use of fire-fighting equipment, personal security measures, development of fire response skills.



The plays and activities prepared by the trainers of Kadıköy Municipality Urban Search and Rescue Team aim to increase the awareness of the participants about disasters. The plays include "I am packing my disaster bag", "Find your partner and pack your disaster bag", "we are on camp as a family", Escape from smoke". 



The benches serve as furnace and warehouse outside the purpose of sitting and resting at the Disaster Education and Awareness Park. Many materials from blanket to hand torch, pot to rope in banks have a life-saving feature in the post-disaster period. The camellias in the park can be converted into tents. In addition, Disaster Education Park, where various information is shared to minimize the effects of disasters, also includes solar panel lighting and charging stations..


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