We Brought The Waste Disposals Points To Your Mobiles

We Brought The Waste Disposals Points To Your Mobiles

Kadıköy Municipality has lead the way and developed a smart phone application for waste recycling. The nearest waste disposal point is now available in your mobile phone.

Kadıköy Municipality, which initiated many pioneering work related to the recycling and recycling of wastes and the protection of the nature, brought in something new again. The Municipality has developed a "Waste Disposal Points" application for smart phones and tablets. You will be able to find out the closest waste disposal points with this application that is a first in Turkey.

The "Waste Disposal Point" application, available on Android and OS devices, helps you find the waste disposal point closest to you using location quickly and easily.

This application, which is designed to contribute to the environment and recycling, intends to accelerate recycling and regain recycling.

The features of the application are as follows:;

Packaging Wastes, Glass Packaging Wastes, Waste Battery, Electronic Waste, Vegetable Waste, Textile Waste, Waste Drugs disposal points can be accessed via "navigation".

Calling and e-mail communication with Waste Coordination Center.

How and where to dispose waste (information page)

Access to website of Kadıköy Municipality. (www.kadikoy.bel.tr)

You can download the application as follows:

iOS devices  https://goo.gl/42lUrH

Android devices   https://goo.gl/9xFh26 .


600 tons of garbage is collected daily in Kadıköy. wastes are made up of recyclable materials. Paper waste accounts for 45% of wastes and 23% for plastic, 18% for glass, 9% for metal and 5% for textile waste. The municipality has collected approximately 9000 tons of packaging waste in 2016.

Mostly glass wastes, at the rate of 86 percent, is collected in Kadıköy. This is followed by 84 percent of batteries and paper.

Tons of Waste Regained

Tons of waste were recycled and restored for the economy of the country with the pilot scheme in Erenköy, Sahrayıcedit and Caddebostan neighborhoods. 29 tons of packaging waste was collected in Erenköy. About 5 tons of recyclable waste was collected in Caddebostan in 5 months and 5 tons were collected in Sahrayıcedit in two months. In addition, 22 tons of glass waste was collected in Erenköy, 45.4 tons in Caddebostan and 66 tons in Sahrayıcedit. Approximately 375-376 tons of waste was recovered in only 3 of these 21 neighborhoods in total.

The project will put into practice in Suadiye, Bostancı, Koşuyolu, Kozyatağı and Ondokuz Mayıs neighborhoods in 2017.  

Collecting Waste Oils

Municipality of Kadıköy is also working on preventing waste oils used in kitchens polluting the environment and the seas. Waste oil is collected at 60 points in the district including the neighborhood administration offices (muhtarlık). Citizens can leave their waste oil to the neighborhood administration offices.

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