Women's Labor at Potlatch Market

Women's Labor Market project was developed in accordance with the results from Women's Forum and Workshop organized by Municipality of Kadıköy and the women of Kadıköy. "Potlatch" - Women's Labor Market project inspiration - a name given by the Native Indians for the exchange festival was introduced in two separate meetings held with the participation of women of Kadıköy in the past days.


Bahar Yalçın, Deputy Mayor of Municipality of Kadıköy, who opened the meeting explained the development stage of the idea as:

 "Within the scope of the Local Equality Action Plan, continued to be implemented by Kadıköy Municipality, has a set out as results of the women's demands. It is to create an income for women of Kadıköy and set up periodic market places in public areas. Potlatch Market Place idea was realized over this goal. We had various meetings. Various units of Municipality of Kadıköy came together and we developed our project by examining carried out examples in the past as a result of exchange of ideas”.


In the short term, Potlatch Women's Labor Market plans the women, living in Kadıköy and making non-food production, to generate an income by selling their products and being in contact with the municipality as well as benefiting from consultancy and related guidance towards production improvement. In the long term, support will be given to women as Municipality of Kadıköy by improving the existing network on issues such as capacity development, product design and improvement, leadership, entrepreneurship and cooperation.


Only application for handmade products is accepted, food products will not be sold at Potlatch. The market will be operated in rotation to ensure diversity of products, prevent competition to go over the actual goal, place products with different functions on the market and everyone to benefit from the market. The rule of rotation, brought with the aim of allowing each manufacturer women to benefit from the market in the most fair and most common manner, will determine how many times the women will exhibit their products according to the application density.


Joining Potlatch is very easy. Residing in Kadıköy, selling the items that you make and being over the age of 18 and being a woman or be LBTI individual is enough to be a part of this network. Those who fit these conditions can apply to "Potlatch Application and Information Desk" at Hasanpaşa Social Support and Training Center with samples of products they make and certificate of residence between the dates of 2-20 May. 

It is scheduled to open the market place on May 27-28-29. When the market opens, 20 stands and 2 non-governmental organizations stand will be placed. Potlatch Women's Labor Market will be set up in the field of Moda Tea Gardens. The market is planned to be open 3 days a week on  Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays between 10.00 and 19.00 hours.

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