Women's Labour, Sisterhood Solidarity; Potlatch

Ladies, who opened a stand in Moda in order to sell their handicrafts in Moda with the support of Kadıköy Municipality, now opened a shop in Cadde. The objectives of the women who came together with the support of the municipality and sell their products are high.

8th of March World Women's Day, accepted to commemorate the women workers who lost their lives tragically in U.S.A. 160 years ago and Potlatch, the exchange tradition of Native American organized to eliminate the injustice of the income in the tribes ... These  two topics of past decades appear in today's Kadıköy as sister solidarity and women's labor.

Potlatch Women's Labor Bazaar, one of the projects that emerged as a result of the meetings Kadıköy Municipality held with the women of Kadıköy, enabled women to sell their products at the stands prepared for them by the municipality in Kadıköy Moda for 19 weeks. They opened a shop at Cadde in November. Women who produce and sell their own products, have solidarity with each other explained how Potlatch has changed in their lives. 

Gül Önen (38): Potlatch is the best step I took for myself

I received glass training from the experts for two years. Then one day I heard about Potlatch. I applied and joined. Potlatch was the most important thing I did for myseşf in the past year. I was making glass, I set up a workbench at home but did not know how to make a sale. Potlatch was a great opportunity for this. Here I saw that my products were liked and I could make sales. We meet and socialize with female friends here. This project shows labor and solidarity as well as the power of women. There is safety in numbers and that is what we do here.

Cevza Civelek (38): Women should not stay at home

I was making special day, wedding ceremony candies and chair ornaments, then I started wood painting. When my products attracted attention, I started to work on order. I heard, applied and joined Potlatch and my Potlatch adventure began.  I got a lot of attention at the stands that we opened in Moda, everything is going very well in the Potlatch Shop. There is a great women solidarity here. Strong producing women are here and support each other.

Yasemin Kapramcı (42): We established 'Women's family'

I am a housewife and mother of two children. I tried to improve myself by participating in various courses such as embroidery and wood. I make recycled products, decorative items from waste materials. I produce wheat, salt pillow that can replace hot water bags. Potlatch has changed many things in women's lives. For example, in Fikirtepe, where I live, a lot of women are not able to go out from the house as they look after their children but they make things like embroidery at home. Potlatch has been an opportunity for them. Of course, it is good to make money from our products here… We are more like a 'women's family' here rather than woman's solidarity. Potlatch has increased my self-confidence. This is because when we first started, people thought we will not be able to do anything,  look where we stand now ... there is not anything women cannot do if they really want it.


Kadıköy Women's Forum was held at the end of 2015 in order to establish Kadıköy Local Equality Action Plan. Potlatch is a project created with the facilitation and support of the municipality with the requests of women participating in the forum. The aim is to increase the economic strength of women by selling their products as well as women's solidarity…

There are 510 women within the network of Potlatch. The women, who opened stands at Moda Park for 19 weeks during last summer, have moved to an enclosed space in the fall. The Potlatch Shop that opened in Caddebostan Cultural Center on November 25th is a common area where women's products are sold. There are 240 different kinds of handmade products in the shop such as glass, cloth doll, wood, etamin, ceramic, jewelry, picture made by women.

The shop, which is open between 10.00-21.00 hours everyday, except Monday and where only the Potlatch women work, attract intensive attention of residents of Kadıköy, especially the women of Kadıköy. There has been sale of approximately 50 thousand TL at the shop in 3 months from the date of opening.

Upon request from the women, the coordinator of the project started to cooperate with Kadıköy Municipality. Meetings are currently being held with the participation of 140 women. Potlatch Cooperative is aimed to be established as soon as possible.


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