Foundation of Concrete Floor


Municipality of Kadıköy, adopting modern management concept as a principle, has believed in the requirement for safe cities by leading the way in this field and has established a Concrete and Soil Testing Laboratory in year 2000 in order to ensure production of earthquake-resistant structures appropriate to the soil properties in the residential area we live in and prepare people against natural disasters such as earthquake.

The activities of our concrete and soil laboratory continues within Structural Control Department.

Our Objectives:
1) Providing controlled and monitorable concrete production,
2) Ensuring the construction of safe buildings,
3) Determination of soil type,
4) Ensuring construction of buildings according to the soil by determining the foundation system according to the soil parameters,
5) Leading the establishment of conscious citizens and safe city life without profit making purpose.

Working area:
We are able to provide service to all of Istanbul, essentially Kadıköy and neighbor districts.


1.    We prepare the Geology and Settlement Compliance Map of the parcels to be surveyed and submit them to the interested parties and determine the drilling and seismic (geological and geophysical) works to be done in the parcel.
2.     As directorate of concrete floor, we ensure that our control engineers audit the soil surveys and soil improvement works conducted by private soil companies in the district of Kadıköy in the field.
3.    The Soil Survey and Geotechnical Reports prepared by the soil companies are controlled by our Concrete and Soil Office and we ensure that safe structures are built by completing the necessary deficiencies.
4.    We take samples from 3 floors, consisting of soil and any 2 floors from new constructions and make fresh concrete tests in our laboratories together with our personnel, we prepare the report, report to Building Inspection Office and related persons.
5.    We make or have others make soil survey of buildings considered to be built by our establishment and prepare the soil survey report.
6.    We do risky building work for buildings that are applied within the scope of Law No. 6306 and prepare the report according to the law.
7.    We control the Risky Building Reports prepared by Licensed Firms as a result of on-site inspections made by our control engineers and we approve the Risky Building Report on the basis of the inspections we have done. 
8.    We exchange all kinds of correspondence regarding risky buildings approved under Law No. 6306 (such as letter to the Directorate of Land Registry to attach perilous annotation, letter of objection to decision of the Ministry determining of being risky,  letter of exemption from wages and fees, document correspondence requested from the courts, etc.) as Concrete and Soil Office.
9.    We conduct hardwood, border and concrete core tests together with our expert staff as Concrete and Soil Laboratory upon request.
10.    We control the performance analysis of buildings with low concrete strength and exchange correspondence with the relevant authorities.
11.    We also provide free consultation to those who will purchase or rent a property in our district. We provide them all kinds of information about the soil of the places they intend to purchase or lease, answer any questions they may have on the building and explain what they need to pay attention to. 

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Aykurt Nuhoğlu

The Mayor Of Kadıköy