Kadıköy Municipality Social Equity Unit

Kadıköy Municipality Social Equity Unit


What is Social Equity?

 Social equality is all people in society to have equal access to equal rights and social services.

There are local government responsibilities and obligations to ensure social equity is provided in accordance with various international legislation and contracts such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Urban Charter and the European Charter on the Rights of the City as well as CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention and the Municipal Law No. 5393 and related general circulars.

 It is possible for local governments to operate various mechanisms for ensuring social equality in order to fulfill such obligations.

 The Social Equality Unit established within Kadıköy Municipality can be described as one of these mechanisms.

 It seems that the current conjuncture also requires rethinking on the perspective of social equality beyond the legal obligations and responsibilities set out above. In this context,  it is becoming more and more necessary for local governments to produce local and institutional culture that internalize social equality and make it sustainable and enforceable. The aims and activities of the Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit shall be addressed in this context.

Kadıköy Belediyesi Social Equity Unit

 In order to protect women and girls in Turkey, a pilot program was launched in 6 provinces (Izmir, Kars, Nevşehir, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon and Van) to ensure local equality within the United Nations Joint Program (Women Friendly Cities). The Circular issued by the Ministry of Interior in 2010 and the establishment of Equality Commissions, Equality Units and Local Equality Action Plans have been recommended to local authorities. In the following period, local governments of various provinces and districts started to establish Equality Units.

 Equality units, which were established and planned to be established in Turkey together with the Equality Units Workshop organized by the Social Equity Unit of Şişli Municipality in April 2016, came together and shared their experiences and exchanged information. In this sense, the unique experiences of the social equality units in their respective regions have been consolidated and concrete steps have been taken to institutionalize the equality units.

 Kadıköy Municipality, which is t the first municipality involved in this process and carried out its Local Equality Action Plan with its own resources and political will (Kadıköy Women's Forum and Local Equality Workshop) in a participatory manner, constituted  the Social Equality Unit by taking advantage of its own experiences and experiences of other municipalities. Heretofore, the Strategic Plan for the 2015-2019 period of Kadıköy Municipality was prepared in a participatory manner with the residents of Kadıköy taking into account the local needs and activities and service policies, in which the social equity perspective was effective, were determined.

What is the Aim of Social Equality Unit of Kadıköy Municipality?

 The socialist and equitable policies and approaches of the Kadıköy Municipality in many areas have prepared the formation of the Social Equality Unit. Kadıköy Municipality aims to mature its institutional development with Social Equality Unit starting from this point of view.

The primary purpose of the unit is to form, institutionalize and sustain the "social equality" culture within Kadıköy Municipality. We are acting as a unit that "reminds, follows up" the sense of social equity in public service and politics with the aim of working with all units of our municipality.

Field of Work

Gender, aging, youth, children, unhindered life, immigration, urban poverty, discrimination, mobbing and other issues that concern the concept social equality are among the subjects of Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit's work with the relevant directorates, units and commissions within Kadıköy Municipality.

Primary Activities

 Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit works in the field of monitoring, evaluation, reporting, research, guidance and consultancy in the field of social equality by working with related units within the institution;

 Civil society and municipality enter into negotiations with NGOs whose main activity and field of work is social equality for the purpose of increasing cooperation and establishes sustainable connections and cooperation;

It collects data and experience in the field of social equality.


As Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit, we aim to be involved in monitoring, evaluation, reporting, research, guidance, consulting, data and experience accumulation activities oriented to:

Gender: To deepen the policies of Kadıköy Municipality based on gender equality policy, which is included in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan and in the Local Equality Action Plan, develop these policies with the cooperation of civil society, internalize gender equality culture within the institution,

Old Age: To develop mechanisms that strengthen the aged-friendly policies reflected to the services directed to old people of Kadıköy as stated in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan,

Youth: To execute Kadıköy Municipality's institutional approach towards youth policies and youth that will determine youth oriented social and educational services with scientific, socialist, participatory and inclusive perspective that sees socio-economic differences,

Child: To execute the policies and practices that will determine the social and educational services to be delivered to children in pedagogical, egalitarian and inclusive nature that respects child well-being,

Unhindered Life: To impose equitable and inclusive public service approach where the disability situation is not defined only through physical access, but also cognitive, social and emotional bases are taken into account,

Immigration: To impose an egalitarian and inclusive public service understanding that will ensure that the discrimination and other material and moral disadvantages of migrants and asylum seekers face in urban and social life are minimized and conditions are improved,

Urban Poverty: To implement inclusive public service policies that will address urban poverty and its socio-economic destruction in all dimensions and prioritize their elimination,

Discrimination: To establish a general anti-discrimination policy that addresses the various forms of discrimination in different disadvantaged situations in the city and create an action plan for this,

Mobbing: To develop anti-mobbing policies and institutional cultures that support co-operative cultures within the institution and strengthen paradigmatic associative practices..


In-house Coordination and Monitoring-Assessment Methodology: Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit's in-house coordination and monitoring-assessment method is based on cooperation with coordination boards, regular attendance at meetings, face-to-face in-house communication and regular monitoring of processes.

Counseling, Intermediation and Addressing Method: The consultation, mediation and addressing method of Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit is based on practices including regular meetings with non-governmental organizations and regular in-house information briefing.

Research and Information Accumulation Method: Research and information accumulation method of Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit is based on practices such as archive screening and follow-up in the subjects of social equality, periodical reporting and data requests from the relevant directorates and commissions for feedback.

Reporting Method: Kadıköy Municipality Social Equality Unit's reporting method is based on preparation of three-, six-month and one-year in-house monitoring and assessment reports, preparation of information notes to raise awareness within the organization.

In-house Workshop Method: It is based on the preparation of all-inclusive, institutional and full-scale workshops with different thematic diversity, taking into account the different needs of different departments and units within Kadıköy Municipality.


Kadıköy Municipality Local Equality Action Plan Book:

Kadıköy Women's Forum and Local Equality Workshop was held on 21 November 2015 at Kozyatağı Cultural Center. The results of the Women's Forum and Workshop were put into report form. This report, including the demands and conclusions stated in the workshop, is published into a book for the purpose of a long-term guideline and a permanent material function in gender policies of Kadıköy Municipality.

At the meeting held on December 21, aimed at determining the implementation priorities among the results of the Local Equality Workshop, which ultimately fulfilled the objective of creating a gender perspective and women's participation in implementing integrated gender policies to be implemented by the Municipality of Kadıköy, the following four outcomes were applied to the Kadıköy Municipality as application priorities:


  1. Initiation of works for the establishment of the Local Equality Unit
  2. Opening Women's Solidarity Center and Women's House in addition to shelter activities
  3. Giving in-house training on Gender Awareness
  4. Establishing sales channels to enable women to sell their productions by way of the demands expressed in the Women's Forum

In the current phase, the Social Equality Unit was established with the decision of the Municipal Assembly in July 2016. In May 2016, Potash Point of Sale Fashion stands were adopted for women to sell their productions. The Women's Solidarity Center infrastructure and content are still in the process of being fictionalized. Gender awareness trainings, another priority, will be provided by the Social Equality Unit within the scope of a series of workshops and programs within Kadıköy Municipality.

You can access the Local Equality Action Plan book from the link below:

Kadıköy Women's Forum and Local Equality Workshop Results Book

Other Documents:

Annex to the Regulation

Annex to the Strategic Plan


Social Equality Monitoring and Assessment Report

Social Equality Monitoring and Assessment Report, shall be considered as an encouraging practice for ensuring and maintaining the internal coordination of the working issues concerning social equality.

It is aimed to have the Social Equality Monitoring and Assessment Report as a mediator in developing a common language, identity and approach for the institution on social equity. Accordingly, the context of the report shall have specific and important day and week studies and projects in the field of social equality, general evaluation of municipal practices and services, steps taken and to be taken regarding institutional policies concerning social equality, improvements and deficiencies in the institution, information about in-house awareness raising and monitoring activities, relevant statistics, results of institutional surveys conducted.


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