What is “Potlaç”?

Potlaç is the name given to the exchange festivals of the Native Americans. It is used both in terms of "feed" and "consume". Potlaç is not a simple feast, it covers all areas of life and determines the functioning of the mindset. There is no private property concept in Potlaç, everyone is a sibling, there is no me but us, it has a collective meaning of wealth. Spiritual shopping is more important than material. Wealth can change hands at once.


How did our Potlaç Project Start?

Kadıköy Municipality  set the goal of "Income generation for women of Kadıköy" in line with the demands of Kadıköy Women Forum and Local Equality Workshop, held with the participation of women of Kadıköy/LBTI and women / LBTI organizations in 2015. In order to achieve this goal, the Potlaç project has started.

There are 850 women in our Potlaç network at the moment.

What is the Purpose of our Potlaç Project?

Potlaç Project that started with the aim of being collective not solo, solidarity not competition, learn from production and shopping, get to know each other and build ties with each other and surrounding women's solidarity and women's rights, aims to empower women socially and economically.

It is not enough for women to work in any job for liberation. It is possible for women to have a voice on their lives and gain their economic independence. Kadıköy   Municipality approaches the issue of empowering women's existence in social and economic life through a "multidimensional economic empowerment in perspective" from an independent place. The project, which will allow women, who have associated with, applied to Kadıköy Municipality and benefit from the market place, to network and engage with each other, sell their products and generate revenue in the short term, aims to build long-term permanent networks and specifically to build a specialized form of social support for women's economic empowerment. The project aims to create a learning process that will strengthen women in a material and spiritual sense and build a network of women only. It is aimed:

  • To experience Potlaç project as a socio-economic empowerment experience;
  • To go beyond commerce and trade,
  • To establish a different and horizontal relationship and alternative bonds with women benefiting from the sales points in Potlaç,
  • To establish the basis for women to establish a similar relationship among themselves.

Who is the Target Audience of Our Potlaç Network?

1. All women residing in Kadıköy and make production other than food

2. Women and LBTI associations and non-governmental organizations with freed subject of activity

What Are Our Common Areas of Interaction / Women's Solidarity Areas as Areas of Social and Economic Empowerment?

We designed our sales areas as a collective and common interaction / women's solidarity areas rather than just a sales area.

Potlaç network reaches;

  • Potlaç Moda Women's Labor Market
  • Potlaç Shop
  • Women's and women's organizations of Kadıköy through Kuşadili Potlaç Workshop.

Potlaç Moda Women's Labor Market: a collective sales area where women and women's organizations of Kadıköy come together by means of stands between 11:00 to 22:00 every Friday-Saturday-Sunday from May to November.

Behind Moda Family Tea Garden.

Potlaç Shop: It is the collective sales area of handicraft products of women of Kadıköy. In the shop, women exhibit a certain number of products that they priced, carry out their sales and work voluntarily in the shop.

Caddebostan Cultural Center, Caddebostan Mah. Bağdat Cad. Haldun Taner Sok. No: 11 Zemin Kat Kadıköy

Kuşdili Potlaç Workshop: It serves to strengthen the communication of women and women's organizations of Kadıköy, create working groups and develop professional cooperations. It includes activities such as space, product development, empowerment, gender, film and reading workshops and group works where rights based studies are conducted.

Kuşdili Social Service Center, Osmanağa Mah. Hasırcıbaşı Cad. No:2 K:4 Kadıköy

What are the Application Conditions?

The application process continues throughout the year. In order to benefit from Potlaç sales points (Moda Women's Labor Market and Shop), you should be residing in Kadıköy and obtain a certificate of residence, produce handicraft products, get visual print-out of your products and fill out the application form with a few sample products at Kuşdili Social Service Center. In addition to these conditions for Potlaç Shop, "Tradesmen Tax Exemption Certificate" is also required. If you want to benefit from Kuşdili Potlaç Workshop, you must be a woman who lives in Kadıköy or you are a women's organization that is working on rights-based studie.

Place of Application:  Kuşdili Social Service Center

Address  :  Osmanağa Mahallesi Hasırcıbaşı Caddesi No:2  Kadıköy/Istanbul
Telephone:  0216 3496167-68



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Aykurt Nuhoğlu

The Mayor Of Kadıköy